Machine Learning and Combinatorics Workshop

10-11 October, 2020

The workshop will be held in Zoom. Here is the information needed to enter the conference Zoom room.

Meeting ID: 861 3772 3937,
Password: first 6 decimal places of π after the decimal point

Research in theoretical computer science has been a source of deep connections between computer science and combinatorics. These connections are often symbiotic: on the one hand they provide formal frameworks to study algorithmic problems, and on the other hand they yield novel techniques that shed light on (and sometimes solve) long standing open problems in combinatorics.

In this workshop we focus on the combinatorial-algorithmic link in machine learning; a link which dates back to the discovery of the VC-dimension and PAC-learnability, and has various other manifestations in online learning, boosting, sample compression schemes, and more.

During the open problem session, all participants are welcome to propose an open problem related to the topic of the workshop.

The workshop is organised by the Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures at MIPT (Russia).